Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a church website?

Please begin by filling out this form. We will process your request and send a response shortly thereafter.


Who can request a church website?

The initial request must come from a responsible brother in a locality. Once approved, that brother may add up to two additional users to manage the website account.

What is the cost of a church website?

We do not charge a fee to build a church website. However, we encourage the churches to consider before the Lord and make a donation to Bibles for America to cover the development of their website (suggested amounts are a $1,350 initial donation, which includes professionally developed design and content and maintenance for the first year, and a $50 monthly donation thereafter to cover the continued maintenance of the site).

How do I pay for the website?

You can make a donation to Bibles for America.

Our locality already has a website. Are you able to update our existing website?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make updates or changes to a preexisting site at this time. However, we are able to build a new site and transfer it to your existing domain name.

We already own the domain for our church website. How do we transfer it to you?

Please contact us at and we will walk you through the process.

Can I add pictures of the saints in my locality?

The website comes with stock imagery that we own. If you would like to replace any of the photos with ones showing the saints in your locality, you will be able to indicate this on the website request form.